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About Cyprus Places of Interest

Cyprus Hot Spots to Visit

Troodos Mountains
A long journey and winding roads that go on for ever but the fantastic views (Mount Olympus) make it all worth it. The temperature can drop 10-15 degrees in the summer if it gets too hot by the beach. And from January until March is ski season, with a ski lift, hiring shop and ski instruction all on offer.

Kykkos Monastery (Panagia tou Kykkou)
Kykkos Monastery is the largest and most famous monastery in Cyprus. It was founded in AD 1100 by the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komnenos, and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The monastery is also home to one of the three original surviving icons painted by the Apostle Luke. It is also famous for its museum, located within the monastery grounds, which is home to an impressive collection of icons, woodcarvings and manuscripts, and other Cypriot antiquities.

Archaeological site that surpasses most others on the island. The sight from the edge of the Gladiators house shoes you the beach below that you must visit after your tour around the ruined city and amphitheater.

Ayia Napa
Twenty minutes away from Oroklini along the A3 motorway.
During the day this is a beautiful town with a marvelous harbor that is home to some delicious seafood restaurants. Nissi beach is a sight to take a look at too with its perfect sand and clear waters.
However, at night it’s the biggest nightclub in the world.

Nicosia  (Lefkosia)
The only remaining capital city that is divided in the world. The United Nations ‘Green Line’ runs straight through the town dividing the Greek Cypriot South from the Turkish occupied North. Find a municipal car park and walk through the streets of international shops right up to the wall and peer through the gun tower into ‘no-man’s land’. Streets and shops deserted since the 1974 war, left just as they were at the time of invasion.

Hala Sultan Tekkesi Mosque
The mosque was built in 648AD, on the spot where Umm Haram died when she fell off her mule, during one of the 1st Arab raids on the island. According to tradition Umm Haram was the aunt of the prophet Mohammed. Grand chalif Moavia, who was taking part ion the expedition, immediately ordered the construction of a mosque on the spot. It is now one of the most important holy places of worship for Muslims and a key site for pilgrimage, ranked immediately after Mecca, Medina in Saudi Arabia and Al Aksha in Jerusalem. The mosque was 1st renovated in 1816 and more recently in 2002 by UNOPS.
(5km from Larnaca city, just after airport)

Kebir (Buyuk) Mosque (opposite the Fort)

The Kebir mosque is probably the 1st Ottoman mosque in Cyprus. It was originally a catholic church dedicated to St. Catherine in the 13th-14th century, before being converted into a mosque. The oldest reference of its existence is found in a 1747 document of Bekir Pasha, creator of the Larnaca aqueduct, where it is specified that a public fountain there should receive water from his aqueduct. This public fountain still survives outside the mosque today.

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