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Bringing a Pet to Cyprus

The Veterinary Services Animal Health and welfare Division (AHWD) of the Republic of Cyprus provides all the information needed in PDF format on the website. It is comprehensive, up-to-date and in English.

The English-language PDFs are available on the topics:
  • Accompanying documents' inspection and fees to be paid
  • General information for the non-commercial movements of companion animals to Cyprus
  • Movement of companion animals originating from third countries
  • Non-commercial movement of companion animals from EU member countries
These documents can be reached from this page of the website:

European Pet Passport

In Cyprus, pets are defined as animals kept for company and should not be intended for commercial purposes. Cypriot and EU law include cats, dogs and ferrets as companion pets.

Cats, dogs and ferrets meeting all requirements can travel between EU member states if accompanied by an EU Pet Passport (EUPP).

The EU Pet Passport has been designed to last the lifetime of the animal. It contains details of the pet owner and the animal, including its microchip or identification details and vaccination records. The Pet Passport is issued and kept up to date by your vet.

Note: The new EU system applies to cats, dogs and ferrets; as concerns other pets, there is not yet agreed-on legislation at EU level, so national legislation applies.

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