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Visa Information

For citizens of Non-E.U. states, upon purchasing property in Cyprus, a visa is issued in order for the client to be able to come and visit the property; when under construction. On the completion of the property, a Multiple Visa is issued and the owner will be able to travel freely to and from Cyprus, and as of 2010, this visa will automatically give its holder access to 27 other European countries.
Our company assists all its clients in obtaining their visa when they buy a property from us.

Currently, Residence Permits are only issued to Cypriot Nationals, those of Cypriot Origin, or citizens of member states of the E.U., which have Cyprus as their permanent country of residency. An exception is made for directors of offshore companies, whom are also living permanently in Cyprus (i.e. for a minimum stay of 183 days per year).

Non-E.U. citizens can acquire one property to be transferred in their name. In the case of more than one property being desired, the establishment of a company is required in order to do so (a simple process). Once signing of the Contract of Sale has been done, it is deposited in the Land Registry Office, securing the transfer of the property into the name of the buyer.

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