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Terms & Specifications


  1. Anti seismic Design
  2. The structural design is carried out in accordance with the latest anti-earthquake design rules and regulations.
  3. The structure is reinforced concrete with high tensile steel, cut and bend to the latest code of practice.
  4. The concrete is produced by modern batching plants in close proximity and conveyed to the project using modern truck mixers and pumped in position under the strict supervision of our quality control team.

  1. External and internal walls are constructed with high quality of well-baked hollow clay bricks brought on site in pallets to avoid breakages and cracks.
  2. All external walls are 200mm wide and internal walls are 100mm wide.
  1. Walls

    1. External Walls are finished with two coats of water proof fibre reinforced plaster and finished using high quality external ‘spatula’ & ‘grafiato’ to our architect’s approval.
    2. Internal Walls are coated with three coats of plaster to give a smooth finish and painted with three coats of high quality emulsion paint to our architect’s approval.
    3. WC Walls will be lined with ceramic wall tiles up to a height of 2.2m, and of a unit cost price of €15.00/m².
    4. Kitchen walls between cupboards and bench will be lined with ceramic tiles of a cost unit price of €15.00/m².

  2. Floors

    1. Flooring is placed in position by experienced tile layers under strict supervision using the best available materials as selected by our quality control team.
    2. Kitchen and Living areas: First quality ceramic tiles are used and our client can choose from a large selection to their own design, at a unit cost price of €15.00/ m².
    3. Bathroom and Toilets flooring areas: First class ceramic tiles are used and our customers can select from a large variety at a unit cost price of €15.00/ m².
    4. Bedrooms and Corridors: First quality ceramic tiles are selected at a unit cost price of €15.00/ m².
    5. Verandas: Ceramic tiles are used at a unit cost price of €15.00/ m².

  3. Ceilings

    1. All ceilings are of a good quality fair-face concrete and are given a coat of leveling compound ‘spatula’ and painted with three coats of high quality emulsion paint to our architect’s approval.
  1. Kitchen units are designed by our interior designers using the appropriate computer software and imported from Germany.
  2. Kitchen units are “Rational” brand name and of a price group 3 (according to the manufacturer’s grading).
  3. Wardrobes and doors are manufactured at local factories using first quality well-preserved timber and MDF faced, with timber film in Cherry, Chestnut, Oak and other, spray-painted.
  4. Fist class ironmongery is supplied with the above.

  1. External doors and windows (sliding/opening), patio, kitchen door etc are of electro-statically colored aluminum sections or UPVC, to our Architect’s choice with double glazing for improved thermal and sound insulation.

  1. All Sanitary Ware and accessories are first class quality, imported mainly from Europe in modern styles and wide selections.
  2. The plumbing system is designed by a specialist consultant in strict compliance with the latest code of practice and local authority’s rules and regulations.
  3. Hot water pipes are adequately insulated and are connected to a solar system comprised of solar panels and electric hot water cylinder-all exterior metalwork is stainless steel made.
  4. The cold water is supplied by a pressure system through a storage tank placed in a covered area on the roof.
  5. Fresh water comes directly from the water board and is supplied to the kitchen sink.

  1. For the drainage system PVC AND UPVC pipes are used, placed in position in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications and code of practice.
  2. The effluent from drainage system is disposed through a well designed manhole system to a septic tank and soak- away pit, or to the central sewage system if available, and in accordance to the indications of the local authorities.

  1. The electric wiring system is designed by a specialist consultant in strict compliance with the latest code of practice and local authority’s rules and regulations.
  2. The Electrical, telephone and TV system are executed by licensed subcontractors with the 13 Amps 240 Volt, single-phase sockets, light switches, TV and tel. points in all rooms and kitchen appliances. Each bedroom has 2 single sockets, 1 telephone point and 1 no TV connection.
  3. The electrical installation is checked and approved for safety, prior to final electricity connection and delivered to the owner, by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (E.A.C).
  4. The main E.A.C individual and common use meters, trip switches etc. are located in a secure E.A.C room.
  5. A distribution box with isolator switches is situated in each apartment.

  1. Each apartment has a car park and a storage room.

  1. The boundary wall is constructed of fair faced concrete. Stoneware is provided in patios and gardens in accordance to our architect’s choice and drawings

  1. Railing: All external verandas’ railings are stainless steel.
  2. Entrance Camera: A security camera is installed at the main entrance of each block and it is connected to the TV of every apartment.
  3. Satellite TV: Every apartment is connected to a central satellite dish providing access to several international channels including SKY.

Further detailed information can be obtained from the Architects, Consultants and/or the developers-Contractors at the time of buying the apartment. Meanwhile changes might be effected if technically or otherwise desirable without the prior amendment of the present general specification.
Incidental furniture, trees or any other things that are shown on the architectural plans are for decorative and aesthetic purposes only.


All white goods, including air conditioning, oven-hobs-extractor, fridge-freezer, washing machine and dish washer, are all included and provided for, in each apartment.

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